2023 Annual Report


At the core of our work lies a fundamental question: How can we empower bold, original thinkers to contribute to the long-term national security of the United States? This question guides our every action. We believe change comes from interdisciplinary thinking, collaboration, and tireless experimentation. 

From the participants in our experiments, in 2023 and previous years, to every individual daring to challenge the status quo, we have nurtured and continue to nurture innovative ideas and support intellectual growth. Through these efforts, the Foundation remains committed to fostering a culture of curiosity, courage, and openness among a diverse array of people dedicated to shaping the future of the United States. 

2022 Annual Report


In 2022, we continued the work we began in 2021, our first operating year, by experimenting with ways to find and foster intellectually curious people who are passionate about the future of the United States.

Our work in 2022 reinforces our belief that it is crucial to find the best people to address the long-term problems that could impact our national interests. This is what Andy Marshall did during his life, and it is one of his many legacies that we will continue to uphold.

2021 Annual Report

The Andrew W. Marshall Foundation

The Andrew W. Marshall Foundation’s 2021 Annual Report shares reflections on our first full year of operations, updates on activities, and our vision for the future.