Focused on

Shaping the Future

Our new voices are curious explorers from all walks of life.

The “new voices” we support are not necessarily those in the early stages of their careers; they also include those who are reconsidering their positions on strategic questions and bringing new approaches or disciplines to the broad field of national security.

Despite their differences, these individuals have a high tolerance for uncertainty and the ability to focus on shaping the future.

“There is no specific set of disciplines that must be mastered to be a strategist. People who think strategically come from a number of different backgrounds….But what seems to be central is a cast of mind that is questioning, eclectic.”
- Andrew Marshall
We support people whose work demonstrates

an embodiment of the Foundation’s values:

Curiosity: The desire to learn, discover, take risks, and experiment.
Courage: The fearlessness to challenge long-held views with logical and credible analysis.
Openness: The embrace of uncertainty with an eagerness to have one’s work challenged.
Contribution: The drive to mentor others and actively shape the future rather than react to it.

Never Accepting

The Status Quo

Seeking New Insights Through Experiments

Our activities include experiments from which we seek insights into what best fulfills our mission, what can be improved, and what might change if we modify a particular factor. We constantly seek new ideas – new types of experiments and areas of analytical interest – that will help us find and foster new voices.

Defining National Security

We broadly define national security as the ability of a country to achieve its goals and protect its interests. We look for people who wish to expand the field of national security and challenge the orthodoxy, and so we refrain from scoping our efforts too narrowly.



We are a community committed to fostering people from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines who want to be actively engaged in discussions about U.S. national security.