"The changes that we now see in the security environment of the United States will force another major effort of rethinking our situation, our goals, and our strategies. It might, therefore, be a period in which a new generation of strategic thinkers will emerge as a result of the critical experiences they will go through in the next decade."
Andrew Marshall


Andrew Marshall dedicated his life to the support of new voices, rigorous analysis, and the defense of the United States. His career spanned seven decades, including 25 years at the RAND Corporation before becoming Director of Net Assessment in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Throughout his long career, Andy played a pivotal role in creating new ways to think about U.S. national security through collaboration with and mentorship of other strategists.

Andy and Jaymie established the Andrew W. Marshall Foundation in November 2017. Andy’s goal was clear and simple: Find people who are curious and passionate about exploring the future, and not fixated on the problems of the moment. Andy passed away in 2019, and activities quieted down as friends mourned and remembered. A great effort by advisors and friends reinvigorated activities in 2020 to begin structuring and generating ideas as a start-up. This allowed the Andrew W. Marshall Foundation to launch its first full year of experiments in 2021.

Despite Andy’s initial reluctance to be the public face of an organization, he was doing what was right for the United States. This Foundation honors and shares his legacy.


Our Work

Our activities are experiments from which we seek insights into what best fulfills our mission. We constantly seek new ideas that will help us find and foster new voices.