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News Releases | 03/20/24

The Andrew W. Marshall Foundation Appoints Amy E. Suski as Managing Director

Please join us in welcoming Amy to the Andrew W. Marshall Foundation. With her critical contributions, we will continue to further our commitment to developing generations of strategic thinkers who will have an enduring impact on U.S. national security.
News Releases | 11/30/23

AWMF Welcomes Jordan Schneider as Andrew W. Marshall Scholar

The Andrew W. Marshall Foundation (AWMF) is pleased to continue its partnership with Hudson Institute’s Center for Defense Concepts and Technology. For the 2023–24 academic term, Jordan Schneider, noted China expert, blogger, and podcaster, will be serving as the Andrew W. Marshall Scholar.
News Releases | 09/25/23

Praise for “The Incalculable Element,” from James N. Mattis

Letter from James N. Mattis, 26th United States Secretary of Defense, to Jaymie Durnan, Co-founder and Chairman of the Andrew W. Marshall Foundation Praise for […]

Call for Submissions | 08/14/23

Chain-Writing Phase 3 Submissions Open through August 27

Build off the winning entry in phase 2 and submit the final link in the chain.
Publications | 07/20/23

New Publication: “America’s Reactive Foreign Policy,” by Elliot M. Seckler and Travis Zahnow

This paper critiques the U.S. foreign policy community’s approach to strategic competition with China and raises a crucial question: Is the U.S. government basing strategic competition with China on U.S. interests, or is it reacting in ways that advance the strategic goals of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?
Call for Submissions | 07/11/23

Chain-Writing Phase 2 Submissions Open through July 24

Build off the winning entry in phase 1 and submit the second link in the chain.
Call for Submissions | 05/23/23

New Experiment: Chain-Writing

Chain-writing is an asynchronous, crowd-sourced experiment that starts with boundary conditions and allows participants to identify potential events and trends that may lead to a certain future. Phase 1 submissions accepted through June 20, 2023.
Publications | 05/19/23

New Publication: “The Incalculable Element” by Emily A. Davis

This paper takes the reader on a journey with the Syracusan general Hermocrates, demonstrating his brilliance as an intellectual outlier who inspired several creative bursts. Emily also offers the reader a meditation on limitations, intellectual flexibility, and partnership.
Publications | 04/11/23

New Publications: Examining History to Explore the Future

This experiment tested different ways of using history to think about the future. It supported work on France and the United States, their respective historical relations with China, and how their histories might shape their future relations with China.
News Releases | 12/28/22

Warm Wishes and Happy New Year from the Andrew W. Marshall Foundation

As the year wraps up, the Andrew W. Marshall Foundation would like to share some thoughts on our co-founder and namesake, Andy Marshall.
Publications | 12/20/22

New Publication: CCP Weapons of Mass Persuasion

“The question is whether the CCP has prepared the battlefield well enough to ensure victory against the United States if and when the clash comes.”